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Well after nearly 10 years of acne, and many, many failed treatments, I have finally begun my 30 day wait for Accutane. Just to get everyone up to speed I am a 25 year old male who still suffers from pretty nasty inflammatory breakouts and hyper pigmentation. (will get pics up soon) through out the years I have been through 2-6 month courses of doxycyline (though I couldnt stomach Doryx) and I was also on Cephalexon for 2 years along with a plethora of topical treatments such as (duac,differin,atralin, acanya, tazorac gold and silver, as well as several other BP and Vitamin E ointments.) At this point in life, I am just exhausted from the stress this is causing me on a daily basis. I was clear about a year ago for about 6 months time, but of course the acne came back full force. You almost forget how bad it can feel both physically and mentally, until it comes back that is.. I will probably convert this into a log when the time comes, but what I do know for sure is that this 30 days cannot pass soon enough. Thanks for letting me vent.

BTW.. for those it may help in the future.. The combo of medication I had some success with was as follows.

Cetaphil Cleanser

Cetaphil Moisturizer


Wash with warm water only



1- 500mg Cephalexon


cetaphil cleanser

Tazorac gold


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Sorry you've been dealing with acne for so long. I can completely relate to how you're feeling. I hope accutane works for you. In the meantime you should start hoarding aquaphor lol.

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1.Hoard Aquaphor

2. Hoard artificial tears

3. Hoard the most creamy lotion-y lotion you can find for your soon-to-be crocodile-human hybrid skin

Good luck! I am sure you will be pleased with the results.

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