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Skin Care Regimen On Spiro

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I started spironolactone 50mg on Friday.

I'm trying to work out a skin care regimen to compliment it and hopefully clear my skin especially the marks left behind from the breakouts I had while on bp the retin a.

So far I wash with dove pink bar soap, tone with a salicylic acid toner that's about to run out, and moisturize with neutrogena oil free moisture. I only use the toner at night.

I'd like to know what topicals you guys who are on spiro are using.

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I started 50 mg spiro 10 days ago. I am using LHA cleanser by Skinceuticals ( gel non abrasive) and intraceuticals clarifying gel ( fights bacteria) and that's all. Trying to balance new med, cleanser and topical. I've had 6 sal peels and skin is soft but purging hasn't stopped and getting bummed with cysts all over. Hope to have better results in 2 wks

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I didn't think the spiro would start breaking you out so quickly.. Or is the purging from the peels? I really don't know much about peels but I want to try them. What brand did you use?

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I had them done each week at a med spa. I have no desire to do anything on my face at home unless I know what I'm doing. My face has now started to look smoother with some minor breakouts not so cyst like. Spiro does make me spend more time in bathroom.! Don't know if anything really working though. How's ur skin?

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I love the way peels make people's skin look. it makes me feel like i've never actually cleaned my face. Im happy it seems to be working out for you.

My skin hasn't really changed. I got two cysts in my chin and one painful little nodule on my brow since ive been using it. Plus some whiteheads (which arent that serious). I'm hoping I don't get an initial breakout.

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