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Washingyour Face

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Hi everyone!

So my dermatologist told me NOT to use a clarisonic OR washcloth and that I should only be washing my face with my fingertips. She said anything 'harsher' than the pads of my fingers could cause acne to break open and then the bacteria would be spread over my face and create more/worse acne. Now, I wear some long lasting foundation and I'm wondering how this would come off with just a mild cleanser and my finger tips?

What do you guys think?

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Recently I have been using a very full coverage, pigmented liquid foundation. Trust me when I say it's heavy. It is very possible to remove make-up like this using your fingertips, without a clarisonic, wipes or any kind of cotton pad. I have gone through a lot of trial and error with this routine but this is what I'm doing now.

First off I start by using a small amount of cream cleanser to loosen and remove some of the foundation, I then rinse this off with lukewarm water, I find that using cotton pads to remove this especially around my nose and on my acne irritates it and makes it sore. I then use a foaming facial wash, this completely removes the make-up and also the oil residue from the cream cleanser.

I am using The Body Shop Aloe for sensitive skin facial wash and facial cream cleanser, they're very nice and gentle.

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I use make-up wipes to remove my make-up before I wash my face. I personally am using the Proactiv wipes right now because I have them, but anything that doesn't have any harsh ingredients would work. I've used the Simple wipes before and they worked fine.

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I'm guessing you have a lot of whiteheads, or pimples with "tops"? Yes, washing your face can easily make these pop, but not if you are gentle. I'm slightly worried about your dermatologist, since washing your face with a cleanser is better in every scenario, if you do it right.

I am not a dermatologist, but i have years and years of experience batteling acne, and this is my tip. USE A CLEANSER, lather it up in your palms, but do not touch your face. Yes, you read it right, do not touch your face. You want to be 1 millimeter from touching your skin, and just applying the cleanser very carefully. The acne is especially hard to cleanse, since they are raised, and it's hard to know how far your hands need to be from your skin. But try to be very careful not to even touch it.

Your pimples can actually start "leaking" without you seeing it. A small hole in the pimple can make it drain slowly, creating acne around it. But if you do not touch it, it will not pop. This is generally caused by cleansing them, and accidentally pressuring it from the side, making the top slowly fall off, not entirely, but enough to start a leakage.

EDIT: I now see you didn't mean using a cleanser, but a clearasonic. My point still remains valid, YOU MUST USE YOUR FINGER TIPS. Even touching a pimple slightly can make it much worse, and you want to use a wash cloth? Very very bad idea! You can absolutely not use anything like that before your acne is completely gone! If you have a lot of acne at the same place, then it is cause one of your pimples leaked, and you smeared it around your face.

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