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Will This Help Fading My Red Marks?

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I dont want to do an another laser treatment due the sun is coming. quite difficult to avoid the sun. So im considering to have laser treatment during the next winter.

So i wanted to try an another way of treating red marks. I'm thinking of using the baking soda/lemon/apple vingear as a mask(?). Maybe with egg too? Is it baking soda+lemon+vingear+egg or how is the recipe? lol. And how often?

Heard of Zink also. How about Zink? How much should I eat, and does it help to heal my red marks?

Is there other supplements that i forgot?What kind of product should I use morning and night? How about the aloe vera from a aloe vera plant? baking soda vs aloe vera, what do u prefer?

I have also heard about Aha or glactic acid gel. How about that? I'm supposed to avoid the sun if i use that kind of products? Can I go out if i use sunblock? or is it very serious like after a laser treatment?


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I'm using AHA and Tretinoin (Retin-A) which totally help in fading my red marks. And yes, you can still go wherever you want, just don't forget to put on a sunblock.

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Ok, i think Im freaking out. Today it was damn hot day and i was working out then a man asked me why my face was so red.... It was 22+ degree and I was working out. I don't know, but do I have rocacea?! I don't have acne anymore, just general redness marks from acne I think. I sometimes get more red. For ex when it's hot as hell. But who doesn't get red when it's hot? I have Asian skin, male, 22 years old.

However I have to fix my redness, can't stand it anymore! Is AHA the way to go? I'm not living in the states so it will be difficult to order stuffs. But I can order from Paula choise. Anyone with experience from Paula choise products? I'm also thinking of taking zinc tablets and multivitamins. And if I'm giving it 3 months, will I see any improvements?

Please, this shit breaks me down....appreciate for answers...

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Please, anyone?

Maybe I have a combination of hyperpigmentation and rocacea? I think i Will do ipl in autumn when its not sunny.


These AHA seems to treat red marks and rocacea it says. Is it a good choise? Which one should I choose and what more do I need to buy?

Can't live with this shit... Going to make an order as soon as possible..

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