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Forehead Bumps With No Solution

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I had had clusters of flesh coloured bumps on my forehead for over a year, come and go. I have tried to research on this, and yet to come to a possible conclusion. I have been prescribed acne medications such as clindoxyl gel and retin-a cream to clear up my acne and my forehead with very temporary results, only for my forehead bumps to reappear in 3-4 months. My face for the most part is clear with the occasional hormonal breakout, but these bumps are constant. I eat very healthy and workout at the gym 2-3 times a week, avoid caffeine at all costs, very rarely drink cow milk (much prefer almond milk), wash my face twice a day, and I'm so frustrated to find a cure.

Yes, prescriptions can find the bumps but they aren't a fix to the root of the cause. I am so exhausted with prescriptions and chemicals I'm trying to move on to natural remedies such as Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Cocoanut Oil.

Has anyone found a permanent cure to this? I'm going insane

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Don't use coconut oil, it is comedogenic and will break you out

I don't know of any permanent cures, but I think that you should keep using Retin-A, because it really does help with bumps and has helped me a lot too.

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I was same as you described, My solution was a rough wash cloth and NO FACE CLEANER what so ever. Water ONLY with NO moisturizer. When I say hard scrub I moved a washcloth back and forth at slow speed but with VERY firm pressure, close to what scratching an itch feels like. Rinsed with cool water and my face and every little thing on it was raised and pink. I didnt apply any moisturizer and within 2 hours it had calmed down and looked probably the best its ever been. Did this once a day for weeks now and dont have a single bump, skin is super even tone and soft texture. I let my oils do the work and push things OUT instead of moisturizer pulling things IN. The wash cloth seems to just clear the path of what seemed to be a hardened surface layer...probably from damage of some sort.

If after it dry's you see dry patches...for me they werent dry patched they ended up being DEAD patches. I would work on those areas until when dry, my skin was just looked dry with no visible dead patches. I have oily skin and moisturizer doesnt come close to what my natural oils are doing for my face right now, after clearing the dead stuff. I guess no pain no gain is right, feels like that slightly pink tingle after 30 min out in the sun....then awesome complextion withing hours. For me at least. I notice that when the oil starts to push out, it spreads more evenly across the rest of my face and evens it all out, and tiny blackheads just strangely pushed out on their own, sitting right on the surface out of the folicle. I swear by this now...thought it would damage my skin butits obvious now that it takes much more than a wash cloth and water to damage skin.

I wanted to add that this all started when i decided to eat healthy, and went vegan, and I really belive that healthy eating=healthy oil production and not less oil production. I think oil producing skin is healthy, keeps skin youthfull, and its necessary...I just needed to clear my less healthy past off the surface.

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SCD diet cleared this problem for me. But I found the diet to be too restrictive. The problem came back later, but it wasn't nearly as bad.

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