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Stay On Accutane An Extra Month?

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Hello. I have been taking Accutane for 4 months now. I started on 30mg two times a day for first two months and then went to 40mg two times a day. I weigh about 80kg. Anyways, I just went in for my latest dermatologist appointment to have blood work done and the derm. seemed a little concerned I was still getting new pimples at this point in the treatment. I had a pimple when I went in that day and I had a few from a few days prior that were just clearing up. I have been taking the medicine for the previous four months and have been VERY consistent with it.

My dermatologist told me that he thinks we should just do the final 5th month as planned (after the 5th month I will be at a cummulative dose of 135mg/kg of bodyweight) but he told me that IF I feel like I should, we can extend it a sixth month. I did the math and this will leave me with a cummulative dose of 165mg/kg of bodyweight. I am here for opinions and perspectives. Is there any benefits to having this higher cummulative dose? I don't care if I have to put up with the side effects for a little longer, I will manage. The side effects for me are actually very mild anyways (a few nosebleeds and chapped lips). What I do not want to do is stop the treatment after 5 months, if an extra month could make all the difference for my results. Thank you for anyone who can provide insight.

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Keep in mind your acne can continue to improve after stopping the medication since so much is stored in your liver.

If your side effects are mild and you don't mind dealing with them another month I say go for it. The higher your cumulative dose, the less chance that your acne will come back.

Also be sure to take the medication with a high fat meal or your body won't absorb it.

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I agree with the poster above. If you are not experiencing serious side-effects and your labs are normal, I would say that going an extra month is a fine idea (especially if your doctor suggests it). 165mg/kg is a bit higher than the suggested max cumulative (15mg/kg), but not that much higher. Again, if your labs are normal and the side-effects are manageable, I don't see any reason not to.

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See my prior post about taking a higher cumulative dose:

Check out that peer reviewed study about higher cumulative doses, side effects, and the chances of relapse. I experienced quite a bit of weight loss so my total cumulative dose ended up being around 180mg/kg.

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Thank you for the advice guys. I'm going to bump again to see if anyone else has any input. On mobile ATM so won't reply directly to any posts might when I get to a laptop (:

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