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Help With Vitamin A For Acne?

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So to make this short and to the point, i want to start taking Vitamin A to help with my moderate to severe acne. Im on the regimen and seeing great results, but supplements and vitamins can help even more. Im taking some other supplements, but i want to take Vit A too. I was reading this post: and the results sound amazing, so why not give it a shot. The dosage the OP is taking sounds pretty high, so i would probably start off with taking 10,000 I/U a day from fish liver oil. Should i take more? I can get 25,000 I/U pills in store, but should i just stick with 10,000? When should i take the pill? Morning, night, etc.? Any other advice and feedback on this is welcome. Thanks!

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As I posted on your other thread, I take 30,000 IU's a day. I take one in the morning with breakfast and 2 at night with dinner so that I constantly have vitamin A in my system. It's been working great, as long as I stay on a pretty clear diet and take my supplements I rarely break out.

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Why don't you try carrot juice? I don't have acne but it's been helping reduce slight redness and cosmetic acne spots! It also gives a nice glow! I'm drinking one 16 oz. bottle a day. They sell a large (Bolt House is the brand, I believe) pint or more of carrot juice at Whole Foods for 4.99, which provides enough servings for 4 days.

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