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Being Black W/ Acne

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Is there anybody anywhere on here that is black with acne? I feel like i'm the only black person with acne, seriously. No one else in my immediate family or my extended family have acne. No one in my church has acne. I lived in a small town and none of the black people at my high school had acne. I went to college and I still saw no black person with acne. And I know there are some black people around who have acne but I've never come into contact with them and it's just so depressing. I feel like I've been cursed. And what makes being black with acne so bad is that the acne leaves black and brown spots on our faces (I don't even pick my skin). If a bump comes, its not leaving without leaving an ugly mark. Also, to make things worse, I went on the Master Cleanse and it just made my skin worse, while everyone else who's been on it said there skin looked so much better afterwards. Just when I think my skin is trying to clear up, BAM!, it breaks out even more.

I'm so tired of being depressed and crying about it, but it's hard not to when you have to look in the mirror everyday and look at how ugly your skin is. And have to listen to your mom tell your sister she's pretty, and throw in your name as a second thought b/c she doesn't want to hurt my feelings, I can't remember the last time my mom said I was pretty; not since I was younger and had no acne. (I'm 22 by the way & I've had acne since the 5th grade)

One more thought: I feel like such a slave to my skin b/c of acne (and i thought slavery was over). I constantly worry about what I eat and drink. I constantly have to be consistent with tending to my face b/c if I don't I'm just asking for more trouble. I constantly worry about people staring at my skin, and about what I wear b/c I feel like I have to makeup in pretty clothing for my lack of a pretty face. And then what really hit my self-esteem the hardest is when I had like two small to medium spots of eczema appear on my left cheek which appear lighter than my skin color (this just recently happened out of nowhere). So to add to all the acne and ugly marks, I have these lighter spots that are also there. Just thinking about it makes me sad.

Is there any one that's black that can relate to me? PLLLLZZZ talk to me (even if your not black, your comments will be appreciated.)

):****************why why why me?*******************

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Im not black but Im japanese and no other eastern asian person i know, either at home or at uni has acne. People used to call me a failed asian and asian ugly etc...My skin is very pale so the redness is very obvious.

Its so annoying, my grandmother and mother have nerve had acne, brother doesnt either. No one in my family does. Ive had it for a long time. My mother didnt even know how to deal with it when i first got pimples.

She would try frantically to get rid of them, sending me to crappy japanese clinics, where they would just zap my skin. It didnt help, i had active acne that needed to be taken care of.

I saw a gp in england, where im studying, and he gave me differin. It has helped a lot and can get rid of the hyperpigmentation.

I hate acne so much.

I can feel your pain

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I'm black with acne and I know how you feel dude. My acne cleared up once I finished highschool though and I'm left with a few scars I'm trying to get rid of. Strangely, I had acne bad in high school but I still had high self esteem and was quite popular. I was on the basketball team though. I also was very social with girls and guys. The only problem I had was when there was this girl I liked I had to wait till my face cleared up(it never did) then get the confidence to finally talk to her. When I finally did I still had to gather more confidence because I thought about her looking at my face.

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I'm 22 & African American with acne! I'm in your exact same shoes! But my acne is genetic bc pretty much everyone in my immediate family has mild-severe acne. I have moderate. You just have to keep looking & find your cure. There is one out there but it's draining to find it. Just keep looking & I hope you gain your confidence back! I feel like a slave to my skin too. I think about it about 80 percent of the day. But in my head I know my cure is out there & it won't always be this way! Plus they're way worse problems

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(not black) But Yeah I agree with you, acne is definitely less common in african americans. Every black person I have met in my life tended to have beautiful skin. I am sorry that you're dealing with this, it's unfair. Anbody can get acne but the truth is it's much more of a white/hispanic problem in terms of clinical severity.

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I am Asian, Indian and I know many indian girls do get acne, but somehow in my immediate friend circle I am the only one with acne. I am 26 btw. Noone in my family has acne, my mom had it only as a teenager, nor my husband's family(they are blessed with porcelain skin) It hits my self esteem the most when I am around them as I know they judge you a little more as I am their daughter in law.

My husband says there is more to me then a few zits, but seriously I find it difficult to look beyond that when it is there. I have broken down a few times and he does tell me the stress I give myself due to acne may just be making it worse. eating healthy and lifestyle changes helped me alot. But I am nowhere close to clear. I even ask my husband to postpone social outings due to acne.. He has finally started helping me see that getting out meeting people is so good for you. I am improving but only a little at a time.

We are all in this together. Hang in there, and enjoy life, believe me there are people who see you for more than your acne and dont be a slave to it.

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My dad is Afro-Caribbean and my mom is Indian (south East Asian not Native American). No one in my mom's family has acne. Not a single one of them, they all have the nicest clearest most glowy skin ever. My father had acne and two of his nieces. The rest have pretty nice skin.. I grew up with my clear skinned Indian family who don't even have marks from mosquito bits or anything at all on their skin, so I feel your pain.

I know what it feels like to be a slave to your acne. I feel that way too. It dictates what I eat drink and spend my money and time doing. I spend every day hoping it can end.

I agree though acne seems more severe in Caucasians than in Blacks and Asians. I've only ever met one black girl and one Asian (Tamil) guy with severe cystic acne.

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