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Don't Know Where To Go From Here?

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Alright, I guess a little bit of background history. I started getting acne at the ripe old age of 10 years old. For several years, I tried whatever I could convince my mom to buy me. Nothing worked. I asked my doctor, and he prescribed me erythromycin as a topical solution. Didn't work. Then minocycline. It worked a little bit, but only cleared up maybe half my acne. Plus I believe I started getting immune to it. So finally I went to a dermatologist around the age of 16. It took forever to get that referral from my doctor, he was convinced that if the minocycline didn't work, nothing would. So the dermatologist put me on bactrim, and gave me duac to use in the morning and Retin-A to use at night. After the initial flare up, my skin became completely cure. I was without breakouts for months at a time.

Now I'm 19. I'm currently studying abroad, and before I left, I figured that my skin should be able to stay clear without the help of the duac, retin-a, and bactrim.

That was the dumbest idea to ever happen to me. Now I'm in Thailand and it's hot and humid all year long here. My face is going crazy. It hasn't been this bad since before I started the minocycline. The facial scrubs here are VERY different than what we have in the US, where I'm from. Every single one is designed not only to eliminate your acne, but also to whiten your complexion, which is NOT something that I want.

I asked my family to send me some facial wash, but the stuff they sent me isn't exactly anything I would pick out for myself.

I'm having trouble deciding between whether or not I should go to a dermatologist here, order something from online, or just rough it out till I go home in July. Another option I'm possibly exploring is getting some benzoyl peroxide solution and combining it with clindamycin to (hopefully) imitate the duac. I'm fairly certain I can also get retin-a without a prescription, but I think it's only for the kind that is intended to remove wrinkles, so I'm not sure if that'd be worth it for me.

Does anyone have any advice? Which path should I take, what should I do? I feel so lost!

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The whitening products won't make you white overnight, they don't bleach you or anything. They just lighten PIH. You should be able to find some western brands (Eucerin, Nivea, Neutrogena etc) at pharmacies such as Boots and Watsons, which shouldn't be hard to find.

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