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Micro Laser Peel + Profractional

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Any recent experiences with micro laser peel + profractional laser? Please share.

I have shallow rolling scars. Shiny texture and hypopigmented. I'm not expecting any color changes but I am hoping to reduce the depth and improve the skin texture. Derma roller did not give me the results I wanted. My PS is reco'ing a micro laser peel + profractional. Two treatments. I need help with my decision. Thanks!!

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i had a microlaser peel with an ipl back in june. it was 20 microns deep with 2 passes. lol my face felt like it was on fire after it was done but after them cooling it off for an hour and then being slathered with aquaphor it didnt feel too bad. you have to keep the aquaphor on the face for 2 days which sucks because its so sticky and annoying and gets on everything. you have to sleep with your head propped up too for a few days but around the 3rd day your skin will start to turn brown and peel. i think i was done peeling by day 5 or so. i have heard doing the profractional with the microlaser peel really helps. i got a little bit of improvement (for my indented scarring but it did nothing for my raised scarring) from doing it but if i did it again i would definitely go at least 60 microns deep or even up to 100 but i think its best to work your way up with those. most times they sell them in series of 3 treatments.

just a few things dont take any aleve, iburprofen etc 10 days before your procedure. take at least 500mg of vitamin c 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after and ask about what antibiotics and stuff you should take beforehand as well. they prescribed me an anti-viral a few days before and a few days afterwards and the keflex (generic cephalexin) 2 days before and 5 days after as well. good luck to you!

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Many thanks for your response. I really appreciate it!

Just wondering, was your peel a total of 40 microns since it was 2 passes? Or was each pass 10 microns deep? Did it help with scar redness? How would you rate your scarring (e.g. mild, rolling, etc)?

My PS has reco'd a 50 micron peel + profractional (depth + coverage TBD).

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it was 20 microns each pass. well the ipl that i had done right before she did the laser probably did most for the redness. the laser itself doesnt go deep enough to do that much for hyperpigmentation. i had mild indented scarring - some of it was rolling and some of it was kind of like the ice pick type. it helped it a bit but not enough to make a major difference. i mostly did the laser to see if it would help the raised scarring on my chin but it did not touch that at all.

if you do it, just be prepared for the feeling like you have put your face in a very very hot stove. it burns and when they show your what your face looks like afterwards you will look like a burn victim. not trying to scare you or anything i just wasnt prepared for how badly burnt i looked so if you go into it expecting that then you will be fine. you will have swelling and some pin point bleeding but otherwise you heal very quickly from this procedure.

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