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How To Exfoliate Without Scrubbing?

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Hey there!

My skin had cleared up so much during the past 6 months due to Retin A but I started breaking out again when I doubled my application even though it was the same percentage (0.05%). It's so frustrating because my skin was doing well after such a long time but now I feel like I might be heading back to square one.

Anyways, I BADLY want to exfoliate my face because it is flaking and I feel like the dead skin layers are not allowing my products to properly penetrate my skin. I'm paranoid about using face scrubs, however 'gentle' they claim to be. At the moment I have hyper pigmentation and a couple of red pimples. So this leads to my question - how do I exfoliate without using a facial scrub (preferably a natural method). I already know that I can use lemon juice, a gentle wash cloth and apple cider vinegar (I think). Please make sure your answer doesn't imply the use of small beads/granules. I would use a chemical exfoliant is I could but I don't live in a place where such products can be found and I don't want to purchase them online .

I would really appreciate if you guys can help me out with this skin dilemma. Thanks in advance!

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Chemical exfoliants aren't nearly as widespread in drugstore brand lines or in department stores, They are the better alternative though as you said and I don't see any other way to purchase one other than buying online. I'm using Paula's Choice BHA exfoliant.

I would strongly advise against putting something as harsh as lemon juice or vinegar on your skin as they're far too acidic. Keep in mind that for a chemical exfoliant to work they need to be at the correct ph level. I doubt all the natural recipes you can find on the internet take this into consideration or are ph tested.

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