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Please Help With My Scars :[ (Pics Included)

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Hi everybody,

For a while now I've been eyeing the boards looking for a similar situation to mine to avoid posting myself, but after so long I've finally built up the courage to post myself. I don't really know how to classify these scars. They look like icepick scars? scarred pores? However there's still some bumpiness/lumpiness that drives me CRAZY and it's so much more apparent with makeup. My skin is smooth everywhere else, there's still hyperpigmentaion but no scarring(thank god) but because of this small part of my face it makes it look so ugly and sticks out. I've been dealing with this for 6-8 months. While I must say it has gotten a bit better, as far as the hyperpigmentation goes(used to look bruised) it's still not so much better. I've included some pictures below for a better look. I tried getting the worst lighting, next to a window so you can see what they actually look like. The area is redder than normal because I've been using some chemical peels however I tend to avoid that area all together from now on since maybe I may be making it worse? The really dark small pits are from a TCA cross I did a few days ago of 50%, these were icepick scars and I treated them myself hence why there's a dark scab, fingers crossed it comes out better. I hope you can get the idea of what I'm talking about but I'm so desperate at this point I am willing to try anything! I thought I could better it by chemical peels, or maybe microdermabrasion, oils, but I'm now thinking I may need something more serious. Please please any reccomendations, suggestions, anything. I would be so greatly thankful!



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Hi skylar,

I don't have sufficient knowledge and information to help you right now. Can you please provide us more detailed pictures if possible? I can't see very well the pits you're talking of :(

I will be here for you and I'll be watching this thread. If this thread develops and I if be able to help, I will gladly help you. Now, the only thing I'm able to help you with are this words, because were humans too.

Please try to stay calm, you are still beautiful.

I hope it helps you someway and sorry to won't be able to help you more,


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