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Cystic Acne And Pms

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Hey, guys!

I've been doing this site's regimen for a few months now and I've pretty much gotten control over my acne, I've been clear all month EXCEPT for when it's around that time of the month.

I'm one of those unfortunate women that often gets PMS symptoms for two weeks before my actual period, as opposed to others who only get for a week or so before..I've noticed that during this time, I often get a large, inflamed cyst or zit. I used to get many more, but instead of many little ones it's now just one big one which lasts forever.

I do the usual cyst/zit treatment of icing and BP/AHA, no picking, etc..I'm just looking for a way to control these breakouts.

Can any others relate, and if so, is there anything you can do to prevent this?

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Hormones suck. I usually break out around that time too but the Regimen has really worked for me and I didn't get a break out last time. I'd go see a dermatologist and see what they have to say. Hormones are tricky little bastards.

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I doubt the efficacy of topicals since cystic acne is hard, deep and seems impervious. It doesn't come to head and isn't "popable." My best luck has been with cortisone shots.

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