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0.5 Dermaroller

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It's a box car sar. It's been there less than a year. Maybe like 6 months top. And the hyperpigmentation is still there. It looks like it's still trying to heal on its own. Oh and its base is pretty soft

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Yes and no.

If it's still healing you should wait. I wouldn't advise you to try it in this early stage, it might worsen it. In my opinion you should wait at least another 6 months (when the scar is 1 year).

If you ask why, please take a look.

Wound_healing_phases.png (6338×1236)

On the other hand, your scar's base is soft because of it's low collagen fibers. So, in my opinion, dermarolling will be effective on your scars.

Note: While healing, you should take a Vitamin C additive. It should help you synthesizing your collagen.

Hope it helps,


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Thanks shelby! I can't thank you enough for the info you provided. Now that I think about it, I should wait a little longer because it's still possible that my body will naturally make it look much better. Well hopefully. You seem very educated in scars.

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Yes extinguisher0126, you're right. Just give it enough time to heal and If you're not happy with the results, try it!

Well, I'm glad to be helpful, thank you! (you made me feel good ahah)

Note: If you go into needling, please, do it carefully and don't begin with 1,5mm. You should be more "skillfull" before attempting anything so deep. Go for 0,5mm first or seek professional help.

Thank you again and good look on your journey,

Shelbyville :D

Edited by Shelbyville
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