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Seasonal Acne And Mixing Oils Together

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So from around May to September I'm pretty acne free, can eat whatever, wash my face with just water and I don't break out. But once it gets around to October to April-ish I break out all the time again, I've been like this for years so I'm wondering if anyone knows why this happens/ if it happens to anyone else?

Also, I was thinking of mixing together rosehip, jojoba, and witch hazel together into one so you'd get all the benefits and you wouldn't get the dryness from the witch hazel. Would this be good? Or would some of the chemicals cancel each other out?

Thanks guys

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Have you had your level of vitamin D checked to see if you are deficient. A vitamin D deficiency can contribute to acne. Not sure where you live but if you are outside a lot in the summer and then inside all winter that could be a factor. I am not a doctor but it may be something to look into.

I have heard of people getting good results from both witch hazel and jojoba oil but why do you want to mix them together? I think if you want to use both apply the witch hazel (not too much as it can be quite drying)after you clean your face, wait 15 minutes and then apply the jojoba since it is a moisturizer.

Personally I have never heard of rosehip oil being good for blemishes.

Just my two cents worth - good luck!

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