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One Giant Cystic Nuisance

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Hi there,

So long story short (as possible): 26 y/o man, I've dealt with acne in varying degrees since I was 13. In January I had my first cystic pimple during a period of intense stress. It's on my right cheek and, at the time, hurt like hell. I thought it was normal so, during a mild freak out, tried to pop it. I ended up losing my mind over it and trying to pop it really hard, at which point it swelled to the size of a golf ball.

Here I am now, two months later, and it is still on my face. I have tried salycylic acid, BP treatments (daily), retin-A, some scar cream (really didn't know whether to use that or not), Clymyacin (topical antibiotics), Doxy (oral antibiotics, stress control and have been to the dermatologist several times. Three days ago I got a cortisone shot with absolutely no effect.

The cyst seems to have not gotten any smaller in the last month, despite the barrage of treatments. And I have not picked at it since that one day. I am positively losing my mind. After a lifetime with acne, this is the one that is really getting to me. It's about the size of a nickle and it is right on my cheekbone. The thoughts running through my head are self-destructive, to say the least.

That said, I need this off of my face. Pronto. Or at least some kind of improvement. The top of the cyst has a line of blackheads and some tiny white headish looking things. I want to pop them, as I'm starting to think this is the only way to kickstart getting this thing gone. I'm sure you all understand what the breaking point feels like and I'm at it, and I would really appreciate any advice or techniques to try before I actually lose my mind.

Thanks in advance,


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Two things you need to try. 1 is heat. Warm towels, a tea bag. heating pad, I'd do that first, and then get some black drawing salve and apply that and let it sit over night.

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Epsom salts are another alternative to the black drawing salve. I dissolve a ton of salt in water, dip a cotton pad in the solution and then let the pad dry on my face. It doesn't provide immediate results, but I find it makes any blemishes less red and helps draw out the infection. Plus it is incredibly cheap.

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Quit with the at home remedies and go see a physician specializing in cyst removal. They will most likely excise the cyst. The reason you need to stop trying to address this yourself is that cysts can reappear in the same spot. The excision will minimize this risk, although it is always a possibility. They will also give you an anti-scar cream to minimize post-op scarring.

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