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Hey guys. Here's the catch. I have two hyperpigmentations that are a bit indented. I was wondering if I should wait until the hyperpigmentation disappears so I can start rolling. The thing is my skin heals pretty extensively but slowly. If I do start rolling is it okay to use natural ingredients like aloe vera and lemons as an after care? My skin tends to react badly to unnatural things.

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Don't use lemon juice. You can use aloe, but there are other better things like copper peptides or vitamin C, or something like MSM cream.

And you don't need to wait for hyper-pigmentation to subside before starting.

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What will happen if I use lemon juice?

There are phototoxic compounds in lemon juice, such as limonene. If it oxidizes, if can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. There may also be compounds in there that can cause irritation. It's a gamble using lemon juice, since you have no idea what's in it--well, if you measure it.

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Are things like copper peptide necessary after needling or rolling? Is aloe vera alone fine ? I don't have the money to buy such things.

I don't know if copper peptides work that well, because they don't penetrate the skin much. Vitamin C can work, but topicals containing niacinamide are a little better. You can find niacinamide in Olay products.

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