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Hey everyone,

I've been having a problem with acne since I was a child. I'm 22 years old now and the only acne that remains (aside from the occasional pop up) is on my neck. As a result, I have a lot of problems shaving. While I was in the Army I couldn't shave at night if I wanted to be hair free for the day. But now that I'm a civilian I shave at night so my neck isn't so irritated throughout the day. I have used a million types of razors, shaving cream, post shave, etc. I don't know if what is under my neck is considered acne, ingrown hairs or razor burn. However, I do know that if I go 2 weeks without shaving my face the bumps are still there. When I was 13-14 I used a product from a dermatologist called "Acutane"... horrible horrible year of my life. Though my acne cleared, my neck problem remained.Below is an image of my neck at noon today. The last time I shaved was last night around 10 PM, just for reference. Is there anything anyone here could recommend to me for treatment ? I have heard a lot of the name brand ones (Proactive) are good. I have never used anything like that before...The only part of my face that is oily is my nose so I use a facial wash while I'm in the shower. (which I have replaced 100 times with different products)




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