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Feeling Horrible And Hopeless About My Acne. Any Tips?

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So here's what my acne currently looks like: http://imgur.com/UvJNrUY It's fucking depressing honestly. Got the regular teenage acne in high school and it wasn't all that bad. It gradually got worse in college. Right now every pore of my skin seems completely clogged. It's absolute horror on my cheeks, but it's persistent on my arms, shoulders and back, albeit not as bad as in my face.. It's not as noticeable from a distance, but close up it's a disasterzone.

So far I've tried some natural treatments. I dont drink/eat dairy, take cold showers, change my pillow case every night, drink more than enough water each day (3+ liters) and I also take about 5000IU of vitamin D every day and don't fap. Nothing of that seems to have any noticeable effect on my skin. I started taking the vitamin D because it seems to get worse in the winter. Still awaiting the results as I just started.

Now I was just wondering if you guys have some suggestions for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Although I don't have acne as bad as you I know how it feels to try everything and get no results. But maybe that's the problem. You're trying too many things. Some people have a style of cleansing where they don't even cleanse at all!! It's called "The Cave man" routine. Basically you don't put ANY chemicals on your skin at all (face and body). You only use water and even then, don't touch your face while your cleaning your face with water. ( so in the shower just let it wash straight out from the hose). They say the routine ( or not so routine) only works for some people. Maybe give it a try and see what happens. All the best of luck.

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