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Razor Recommendation?

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So ive been shaving my sideburns, mustache, chin, neck, and area right below my bottom lip with usually a cheap electric shaver my dad has. It has 3 little round heads, and i have not really ever had any problems. I had been using cheap, disposable, plastic, 2 blade razors my mom and sister get for whatever. They get the job done and i dont really have any problems with them. Now im starting to like to only use manual razors because i can shave easier, closer, and more precisely. Everywhere on my face besides my sideburns, i shave with the grain to not get pimples or bumps. Only thing is sometimes those manual razors can kinda nick my skin sometimes and they can be kinda painful on my thicker hair like my sideburns when i go against the grain, but it is a WAY closer shave if i go against the grain and i dont have to shave for like a few days, but again, i only do so on my sideburns right now.

So, i would like to see what would be a good permanent razor. Nothing too fancy or expensive. I would like to keep the price under $20, replacement blades under $10 or so, and available in US stores like Target.

Also, when should i start shaving against the grain on the rest of my face? I began shaving my sideburns before anything else, and when i started off, if i shaved against the grain, it would give me razor bumps, but now after a couple of years i can shave against the grain with no problems besides the slight pulling pain when i let it grow a little more than usual. So it makes sense that the same would be with the rest of my facial hair, and i am just wondering if this is true for the rest of it.

P.S. Seems like when i let my upper lip hair grow out a bit more than usual, i start getting pimples in that area, and when it is nice and hairless, nothing happens. Anyone else notice this? Maybe it could be ingrown hair follicles or something when the hair is let to grow?

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My recommendation is never to go against the grain, use a two blade razor but don't shave to slowly or quickly just confidently if that makes sense. When the hair grow a bit longer and you get a pimple it may be because the hair follicle is ingrown, mild folliculitis or just irritation. If you need any more recommendations have a look under lifestyle tab- 'shaving'. All the best

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Shaving used to make my acne worse as it irritated the skin however since I decided to splash out on a expensive electric shaver I rarely have any issues now. At the time I was a little hesitant at spending near enough £100 for a shaver but it has been worth every penny. Then if there are any little hairs that are left over I use a manual razor to just remove the few hairs remaining.

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I've always found that when I keep my beard long, my acne always flares up. Kind of makes sense, as someone once told me that facial hair can catch all that junk and keep dirt on your face. However, it does suck to shave with all the bumps, but I use a regular 3 blade Gillette and shave a few times a week instead of all the time. If I do shave all the time, it messes with my skin! And I never shave against the grain even it is making it less of a close shave. Its a tough balance, but it helps. Also, a little shadow never hurt anyone!

Good luck, hope it helps

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I would suggest buying a safety razor. The initial investment is over your stated price, but the blades are MUCH cheaper.

As far as shaving against the grain for a smoother shave, try the following. Shave with the grain like normal. Re-apply lather. Shave across the grain (left to right), re-apply lather. Then shave against the grain if you feel you need a super smooth feeling shave. The across the grain pass cuts the hair follicles down farther, making it easier to achieve a successful against the grain pass.

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