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Deep And Shallow Acne Scars

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Hey guys. I was wondering how you can tell if an acne scar is deep or shallow. I've been thinking about derma rolling, but heard that it won't do much for deep scars. So what's considered deep and shallow for acne scars? Thanks

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I think that it has the potential to. The long lasting results from dermarolling take many many months to see but from my own research many people have gotten some pretty good results from them. Of course, the more shallow spots will naturally respond better than the deeper ones but both can be improved upon, you can also look up the dermapen. I am in the same position, I only have a few scars so my options and potential results are easier to obtain than others with extensive scarring. If i can get rid of the small boxcar on my right cheek ill be pretty good at that point, I had excisions on two others on my other cheek and they are improved. Thinking about getting some laser treatment to further it even more, followed by regular dermaroller sessions until I achieve the desired results and can not worry about my scarring anymore. When it all said and done hopefully only the excisions will be hardly noticeable and since they are actually scarred tissue now I can say I was in an automobile accident or something lol. Do you still have active acne or have you cleared that up?

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