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Accutane & Fainting

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I have been taking 40mg accutane for a month now.

Every week or so I will get this weird feeling in my eyes like vertigo, and I will feel lightheaded like I am going to pass out. The feeling usually passes after about 5-10 seconds.

I was wondering if this is a common side effect of accutane. It doesn't worry me too much as it only happens rarely, but I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this, too.

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I guess when you say a weird feeling in your eyes do you mean blurry vision? I am not sure if your from the U.S., but it vertigo is listed as a possible side effect. I assuming you are not having eye pressure, headaches and vertigo as that is listed under pseudo tumor and it also states that Accutane can cause vision issues, sometimes Accutane can decrease red and white blood cells which can cause dizziness, fainting etc. and last, but not least it can alter blood sugar levels which can cause vision and dizziness.

On a lighter note if you are not staying hydrated as Accutane will dehydrate you that could be the issue. Over All though you should contact and speak with your physician with any concerns as Accutane is a harsh medication.

Good Luck

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