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A Areal Dilemma Here.

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I am 17, will turn 18 in April. I have mild acne (pustules and papules) for aprox year and a half. I have been shaving since I was 16 and a half, though I certainly don't get full beard. I somehow always felt that if I am shaving it helps to get rid of the pimples. I've noticed no change if I shave and if I don't shave. my father don't have acne but he said that shaving should not, and won't cause any trouble (with manual blade)

when i get a pimple I just shave over it, it doesn't bleed or cut it, but sometimes it just peels the white off.

I'm using ratin a every night. is it fine to continue my routine? does anyone else shave normally with their acne? I'm afraid it will cause scarring that wouldn't have happen without shaving, but I don't really think it cause scarring. isn't it?

A real thanks for the helpers.

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It's best if you do not cut open any pimples or acne when you are shaving, however not shaving can lead to more acne. Try getting an Alum block like this (https://www.amazon.com/Bloc-Osma-Alum-Block-Ounce/dp/B004NEHR28/) to use after shaving. After you rinse your face off, rub it over your face when your skin is still wet. Let it dry on your face, and then rinse the Alum off with cold water. Alum can help with any razor burn and acne bumps.

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