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Proactiv+ With Some Mods.

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Hey guys. I know proactiv isn't so popular on here, but I'm going to be trying the new proactiv+ and reporting back my results. -fingers crossed- I wanted to post pictures originally, but I looked too bad... I don't want to leave traces of how I look right now. I will do a before and after if/when I get noticeably clearer. ㅠㅡㅠ

Note: I originally started with the product as intended, but it got over-drying so I modified it a bit.


1) Proactiv+ Cleanser, pat dry

2) CeraVe moisturizer

3) Proactiv+ Eye brightening serum


1) Proactiv+ Cleanser, pat dry

2) 2 Pumps of Proactiv+ treatment, let dry

3) Somewhat generous scoop of the Hydrator with the spoon that comes with it

4) Proactiv+ Eye brightening serum

5) Proactiv+ mask as overnight spot treatment

Week 1- The products seem to be very high quality, and there is a slight fragrance to them, although nothing strong. The cleanser is a bit exfoliating, and it's really irritating my skin. The exfoliating beads in the cleanser have smoothed out my skin, so my skin looks a bit better, although there is a lot of irritation, and the acne itself hasn't improved.

Week 2- I still really like the products, but my face has gotten so dry that it's ridiculous. I don't think it's entirely the products fault, since it's winter and I live in a desert climate... Will be picking up CeraVe moisturizer tomorrow. I have noticed some improvements around the chin area, though, strangely, other areas have yet to improve.

-at this point I changed to the regimen listed above-

Week 3- Dryness is dramatically better most days, although my humidifier broke, so I'll have to see how that affects everything. A lot of areas of my forehead have cleared up, but I still look like sheeet...

~If you guys have any questions feel free to hit up the comments...~

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thanks for sharing - looking forward to seeing the pics. i never had any luck with proactiv, but i have friends that have had a lot of luckl and swear by it. hopefully it will work for you.

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