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Ice Pick Scars Or Big Pores?


I have just joined the forum. I'm on tetracycline antibiotics right now and I'm also using benzoyl peroxide topically at night which has cleared up my acne quite a bit. I wanted to ask a question about the scars I have after years of acne. I'm not sure what kind of scars they are and am wondering what my treatment options are for them?



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Thanks for the replies. It was really hard for me to tell because they are slightly pitted. I had been looking into 100% TCA cross but I was thinking that the scars seem to small to even do this with them effectively. Maybe I would benefit from a milder TCA peel all over but I've read that you can't do this if your acne is still active? Also, wouldn't it be a bad idea to do this peel and to be using BP / tetracycline at the same time? I've just started looking into it recently and I need to do alot more research. Anyone know of a good resource for this kind of thing, like a concise walkthrough for pre peel, peel, and post peel sort of thing?

pores and exfoliating and light peels, other wise great skin. you're lucky smile.png

Thanks. This made me feel better after having the worst day imaginable. smile.png

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These are just pores and they're not even big (especially for male skin, which tends to have larger pores). Look around celebrity-closeup.com to see what I mean - we're just used to seeing flawless skin in advertising when nobody has pore-free skin. Pores cannot physically shrink but you can make them appear smaller by keeping them cleaned out. You do appear to have sebaceous filaments on your nose (everyone has them - they're the black dots) that might make them look larger to you. I would suggest a daily BHA like red Stridex pads and/or try the oil cleansing method - they're both great for making your skin's texture appear better (and also help acne). I would suggest against doing anything drastic. Overall, you've got nothing to worry about!

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Well you have to understand one thing is you can't get ride of this type of problem so be patient and keep clean your face 

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