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You guys ever been at an all time low before? Now I never believed in suicidal thoughts but these days I've been slowly falling apart.

I know it's wrong to be depressed but imagine having this constant conflict in your head, always worried, always feeling like a failure. When did I reach this all time low? I don't even feel like trying to fight this acne I'm fucking tired and disappointed in myself that I let something as trivial as acne ruin my whole life. Never had a happy childhood. Never had any good memories. Living on my own at age 24 because I couldn't stand my father and now I'm barely making ends meet like a fool. Shit is it too late to change my life around?

Only drinking helps me not be so self-conscious anymore. Now that I got a DUI I'm pretty much boned. There are days where I wish I could just sleep and never wake up.

Sorry guys just a stupid drunken rant I actually wrote a whole page of the story of my life but I deleted it because I was worried you'd guys would think I'm just being a bitch. How fail am I. Anyone I can talk to about my problems on here that's willing to listen?

The acne and the scars tho, I could do without.


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you need a goal, and fighting acne is a good one, how bad is your acne and what have you tried?

and alcohol is not a good way to feel better, what about exercise- get out run get some sun, you live in Hawaii

try to find one or two friends, it takes work but find them, ones that will be a good influence on your life

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Yea I have had ups and downs with my acne. I have good days and bad. It is NEVER too late to turn your life around :) And try not to use alcohol as an escape.. that's what leads to alcoholism. Try exercising, like someone say above. Just go outside and run. Run until you wanna die of exhaustion. It's a much more productive way to relieve stress. And no one here will think you're a b*tch. This website is basically a support group, so vent about whatever you want. We're all in the same boat. And we're all here to support each other.

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Your definitely not a loser. I'm on the same boat as you. 22 years old with acne and scars . To top it all of I have hypertrophic scars on my shoulders and chest . ( if you don't know what that is google it) and a visible one on my left side of my neck ( small inch size bump) . Sometimes when I get out of the shower and stare at myself in the mirror I just want to break down and cry & basically just give up in life, but I don't . I tell myself I'm not going to let acne dictate my life. I've been though so much especially in my teens . From being made fun off, being called names such as "pizza face" or "grease head" . Even from my own family I was made fun off ! My cousins,

And even my own little brother or parents. I hated when I was watching tv wit family or friends and a proactive commercial would come on & everybody would just turn around and stare at me . I was so frustrated and mad that acne was taking over my life and wasn't letting me be at my full potential. Holding me back from hanging out with friends or asking a girl out. To actually being confident and stand out instead of hiding in the shadows..

Anyways, enough with the rant and back to you . What I'm trying to say here is I haven't giving up hope after all that has happened to me . I have accepted that I have acne and scars and I have to overcome this obstacle to become a better emotionally stronger person Please, don't give up brother. Your not a failure or a loser. Your a human being with a lot of potential . Don't let acne take that away from you. Have hope and just don't give up . One day it will go away . Trust me !

Ps. Every time I feel down I listen to a song called

Hope from Shaggy !

Give it a listen !

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