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Hi Everyone!

This is my first time reaching out to anyone nonetheless a lot of anyones!

I'm almost 23 years old and I've spent the last 12 years struggling with acne. Not only does it bother me in the physical sense but it has gotten to the point where I can't be in fully lit rooms for fear of people seeing my skin (even with makeup on) and I have avoided mirrors unless I'm face planted into one looking at all the bumps.

I have tried OTC remedies, all natural ingredients remedies, all the kits - Proactiv, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Clinique, birth control and I've tried just using basic cleanser and moisturizer.

I am a Type 1 diabetic so I was always really hesitant about going to just any doctor including dermatologists (my first derm wanted to put me on Accutane but that would affect blood sugar and I'm very healthy so therefore very paranoid). A few years ago I caved again and I was put on everything from Triaz wipes to Tazorac with no success.

I am very routine oriented so I never "forget" to wash my face and do my steps. Very healthy, workout 2-4 times a week and always shower afterwards.

Recently, I have been getting cystic acne on my back and face more than usual. On a good day I have about 7-10 bumps on each cheek, a chin full of blackheads/whiteheads that never go away and at least 3-5 on my forehead. My skin is oily-dry. More on the dry side.

It's gotten so bad in fact I have found another dermatologist that is more aggressive with treatment

I am now on:





Birth Control

(after my derm visit she asked for me to see a obgyn and be put back on BC, I had been off of it for a year trying to give my body a break from chemicals)

Not only do I have cystic acne, my hormones hate me.

I wash my face with CereVe in the morning-apply Aczone-apply CereVe AM Moisturizer

Take Doxycycline 50mg and birth control once a day

wash face with CereVe in the evening-apply Differin

Use the Clindamycin twice a day on hips/back of arms/back

This is the first time I've taken anything orally to help with my acne. I'm nervous because a lot of the time medicines can affect my blood sugar, but so far so good. My skin is very sensitive but so far it's going okay.

It's day 5 on this routine but I feel like I need support more than ever. I'm getting at least three new white heads every morning and some flakes throughout the day.

I know I will purge before getting better, it just doesn't make it easier.

If anyone could give me your advice on these medications or any input I would be SO appreciative.

Thank you for putting up with the length smile.png

I will post pictures eventually but I had to get my first step out of the way


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Hi Kat and welcome! Acne is a tough SOB and many times, for many of us, it will never 100% eliminate itself but i'd like to believe that there is hope. Give your new regimen 3-4 months before deciding to switch it up. Also, ditch the mirror and only use it when you HAVE to (you know you have acne, no need for visual confirmation). As for your diabetes, it is great that you are taking care of your health. From my own experiences, accutane did mess with my blood sugar levels (i am pre diabetic) and made an already bad situation worse.

If your regimen is not working after the alloted time, think about spiro (could help if your acne is primarily hormonal) or the regimen from this site

Keep your head held high and keep up the good fight

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Thank you so much. I don't really know anyone who has diabetes and struggles with acne. I know a lot of people don't correlate the two but my glucose levels are so sensitive to anything I put in my body, I have to be careful. That's good to have a confirmation on accutane and sugar levels.

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