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Accutane Initial Break Out. Different From Your Typical Break Out?

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I started an ultra low dose of accutane one week ago (40mg twice a week for 5 mos. then a semi-permanent maintenance dose of twice a month). I was also prescribed Prednisone to combat the IB for 6 days. I am 41 and this is my fifth time on accutane. Realizing I was never "cured" the last 4 times, my derm thought low dose/maintenance dose was the best route. Believe me I have tried EVERYTHING else over the years.

I am breaking out like crazy and very different than my usual 2-3 dime size cysts on my chin. I know have 20 or so smaller pustules many with whiteheads. I wasn't expecting this quick of a reaction with such a low dose, so I am very nervous. The last time I was on Accutane was 14 years ago.

Did anyone else have a IB with a "different type" acne?

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Have you used prednisone with your past accutane courses? The reason I ask is because I have read other posters reporting a bad reaction to steroid medications, wherein it actually caused outbreaks. Do you think this could be the problem? If so, maybe switching to a short course of antibiotics might help.

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Gram negative folliculitis, damn antibiotics....please keep us updated with your treatment and progress.

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