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Roacctuane Question/first Timer

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Hey guys, just had a quick inquiry from those who have finished or currently going through accutane treatment for their acne.

Im 20 male, and have had moderate/severe acne for a while now. I started accutane (isotretonoin) about 20 days ago to be exact and am on 20mg/day. My lips are dry and face a bit redder than usual but my skin has improved heaps already and havent had a breakout for almost 3 weeks. I was told my I.B would be within the first few weeks but it doesnt look like anythings popping out. My skin feels soft and almost clear but just red.

I do eat a healthy diet, lots of fruits and veg and water daily. My QUESTION is basically could i experience a break out later on in the course? or could i be lucky and just continue a streak of improvement ?

Thanks guys

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Yes. Be prepared for a breakout at any time during the first 4 months and don't be disheartened if you do. If you are clearing up already then you may be one of the lucky ones, and just continue to improve throughout your course.

As for the redness, there is not much you can do tbh, it's just something you have to live with on the drug.

Use a gentle cleanser, moisturise every night and be gentle with your skin.

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I am on day 22 and haven't had a I.b either. I'm on 30mg a day and still use a very light amount of topical to avoid the I.b. not totally convinced my derm was correct in telling me not to use it, at this low dosage my skin is not yet sensitive enough for it to do any harm, will slowly come off it over the next month before my dosage is upped

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Thanks guys appreciate your responses. My derm said that if i do flare up, it will be within the first few weeks and that has already gone by.

Plus i was on an antibiotic for a month before starting accutane so maybe that has helped clean me out from inside thus preventing the I.B?

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