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Back After A Decade

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Hi everyone,

I'm back on the forum after many years. I am going to be 30 soon and unfortunately my hopes to have outgrown my cystic acne have been diminished. The last 4 years were so and so with an occasional cyst but I recently just had one of the worst breakouts of my life. I started reading into cystic acne being related to dairy so I cut out all my dairy on Tuesday. I also gave up diet sodas and splenda and only drink polar seltzer water. I would like to hear if anyone on here as cleared up for good with a diet?

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I'm doing my own test and trials, but at this point.. I believe it's all about balance when it comes to "dieting" or not eating a particular group of foods. Can't say if it has been successful for me as it's too early to tell

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I been doing research too on acne and diet. I know I have certain foods that trigger it. I learned this in the past because I never got pimples on my forehead. I noticed that when I ate salty peanuts or chocolate cake I'd wake up with pimples on my foreheads. And its from these experience that I know there exist certain triggers for some people.

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Every time you think you've found the reason it comes right back. I woke up this morning with some pimples (thank god no cysts) I wont give up on the diet for a while but I truly believe its hormonal. I'll keep you guys updated. The only problem is their is hidden dairy in a lot of stuff. I started using coffee mate for my coffee and now im reading online it has hidden dairy in it.

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it's probabl more than 3 months since i stopped eating dairy, and i still breakout so don't rely on the dairy and healthy food to bring salvation for an almost pure hormonal problem. or like my derm said: "thats just how your skin is", we need a skin transplant.. fake b00bs fake a55 why not fake skin?

if i'm not mistaken with the whole regime&treatment what i'm doing or purely coincidential my skin is not oily like it use to be.

but that's not stopping pimples and breakouts. nothing stops them..

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