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I have been eating peanut butter and nuts for about 7-8 months now. And within that time my skin has become extremely oily. I usually eat 6TBS of all natural PB and 70g of almonds every single day. I have also more acne within this time period. Ive read that nuts can cause more breakouts especially peanuts. So i decided to stop about 5 days ago,problem is my skin is still very oily and i havent noticed a difference? How long till the oil will decrease? Does it take a while for it to leave? Thanks.

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If it took 7-8 months for your skin to become oily, 5 days is not enough to be able to tell the difference. Besides that, peanuts are not the nuts I would advice to eat on a daily basis. Almonds should be fine, in moderation. Walnuts are good, too. Macadamia nuts are also delicious and good for you. Have a variety of nuts just like you have a variety of vegetables. You can use the http://nutritiondata.self.com website to look at the nutrition facts. Do not let it drive you crazy, though. Just eat balanced meals and a variety of foods.

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Could be the amount of fat and your ability metabolize it, or it could be an intolerance. You have to test for yourself. And you need to test nearly all separately as many thing we call nuts are not nuts and completely unrelated things. Peanuts are legumes and almonds are seeds of a fruit related to stone fruit--peaches, plums, etc. and it's extremely common to be intolerant to peanuts which also happen to be one of the worst sources of gut harming anti nutrients along with wheat & soy.

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I don't really know the answer. When I stop eating foods that make my skin more oily it usually takes about two weeks for the oil to go away. I have heard peanuts increase testosterone, though. Maybe your testosterone is a little bit elevated and needs to go back down.

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Tell me about it..

That's because recently Nuts industries has putting a flavor enhancers salt that goes with the name Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), or (E 621 ).

Just Google about..

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Update: Its been 11 days now since ive stopped eating nuts. Face is still very oily, but seems like breakouts have diminished, not sure though.

Also i was eating all natural peanut butter and raw almonds.

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