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Hi everyone thank you for taking your time to read this.

In this article I will keep saying me because it worked for me. We are all different. But this might help you!

so let's start!

Little background first:

I am 23 years old. My skin had lots of acne from the age of 20 till the age of 22. I lived in Florida.

This is what helped me to get rid of my acne.

There are 3 factors that played a roll in my acne.

1. Food

2. Products

3. Stress

Food is a big part! what you eat, is who you are.

Do eat: green leafy vegetables (try to add them to your diet) (Broccoli, kale, spinach, salads etc.)

When making a salad use Olive oil and Balsamic) do not use creamy dressings most of the time they contain dairy. When cooking food use Olive oil instead of butter.

Do not eat: Dairy, try to avoid any dairy! (cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt, butter, cakes, Cream cheese, sour cream. ( especially the last two!) Instead of using Milk use soy milk or almond milk, great substitutes

Do not eat : greasy foods like (fried Chicken, French fries, chips anything fried)

Avoid big chain fast food restaurants.

No dairy

No greasy food


Clean your face 2 time a day. Don't over do it. Morning and night

Try not to wear any make-up this will irritate your skin, If you do clean before doing this.

What you might already have / what you need:

1. St. Ives apricot scrub (sensitive version) around $2,99

2. St. Ives timeless skin moisturizer around $ 4,96

3. Alcohol free toner around $4.00

4. Cotton pads $1,99

5. Aveno sunscreen 70 SPF (since I lived in Florida) $ 10,99

6. Clinic liquid face wash for men or women. $16,50


Clean your face with the scrub in the shower with warm water. Use the scrub once a day.

Pad dry with clean towel. After that use the moisturizer. done! For the morning


In the shower use Clinic liquid face wash, pad dry, moisturizer. Done for the night.

When going in the sun: use sun block


Try to take moments of relaxation! In this busy world make time for your self!

Drink a cup of green tea! (Lots of antioxidants). Take a stroll down the park or go for a early walk on the beach. (go in the ocean sea water is good for your skin). Relax relax and be positive.

Please take it slow. You have probably tried everything! Like me! Try to stop eating dairy and fried foods.

See if it gives any improvement. Stay on track because clear skin will not happen over night. I will give it 2 weeks for improvement. One other recommendation is buy only good foods. So when you are at home you don't have the temptation of the bad foods, because they are just not there.

As of today I still do not eat any dairy.

Best of luck, hope to hear some reactions soon. And reviews in a minimum of 2 weeks. Let me know if it works for you

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I like your suggestions, especially the one about keeping your stress levels low. Getting a good amount of sleep and learning how to cope and deal with stress have helped my face a lot in this past month.

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Im also in the process of eliminating dairy products in my diet. I think I'm now in my 2nd week. The changes are not that sudden, it takes time. I still get bumps here and there but it has lessened. I used to get big pimples on my face but I've noticed with my new bumps they're a bit smaller and not that inflamed.

In additon, I have also restrained myself from taking coffee and other stuff that contains caffeine like soda, chocolate, etc.

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