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How Long Does It Take For Diet To Affect Your Skin?

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Hi There, I am looking for others to share their expereinces about how long it took for changes in diet to affect your acne? I have been dairy free, sugar free, white rice/pasta/flour free for nearly two months, at the same time increasing my anti-oxidant foods like nuts, berries, veggies, fruits, quinoa, soy based foods and almold milk etc. and have not noticed any improvement to my skin. None. It is exactly the same as it has always been with new cysts arriving every few days. Is 2 months long enough to have noticed some change? Is this a sign that perhaps my acne is not food related at all? I suspect it is hormone related since it all started with my first pregnancy and is on going as I am weaning my second baby. It is not fun having to prepare a seperate meal or take food places, especially if there is no visible gain (I am sure it good for my over all health...but I didn't eat poorly before...just a daily serving or two of dairy and the odd homemade cookie or whatever, and not a many fruits and veggies).

I'd love to hear thoughts on how long to give this clear skin diet before allowing myself a steeped tea from Timmies with milk and sugar!

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I'd avoid eating nuts, soy and quinoa as they cause problems for a lot of people, especially soy. My recommended diet would be broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, lettuce, lean chicken/turkey (fat should be below 2g per 100g), raspberries/blackberries/cherries and only drink flavoured water with less than 0.2g of sugar per 100g. You can also drink almond milk but it has to be unsweetened. Don't eat anything else. And remember to eat in moderation. Too much of any food is going to cause problems. I promise you only eating these foods your skin will improve after a month.

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Varies. If you have an intolerance that causes a response within a day or two, avoiding the food will get you results in a day or do. For the many other ways diet affects acne, you might not notice your skin clearing for a month, r many months.

For me, I'd figured out the intolerance that caused my severe cystic acne years ago. But still ad oily skin and other types of acne. Then when I grasped that humans shouldn't be consuming all the added sugars and processed food like substances, and that we needed to consume foods with nutrients in them, my skin cleared ompletely in a little over a month.

Food always affects acne. And hormones. And everything else.

And I.believe cysts and nodules tend to not be true acne but an allergic response.

Also, cut out the soy based junk, unless its a fermented food. And don't drink sugar.

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