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Accutane Questions And Experiences

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Hi Guys.

I am currently on my second round of Accutane (Claravis) and I have a couple questions I was hoping you could answer. I originally had severe cystic acne that was completely cleared by my first course. I started at 20mg and worked up to 80mg in 5-6 months. I weigh about 90 kgs. My acne returned after about 4 months. Now before my second course my acne was much less severe but still persistent. I took 60 mgs for the first two months - pretty bad IB - and now in my third month I am on 80mgs.

Here are my questions -----

I was using the tea tree oil wash from the body shop originally once a day and then washing later with cetaphil in the first months. I began to use it less and less because it made my skin so dry. I've been using it about once or twice a week until 10 days ago when I decided to stop using it and use exclusively cetaphil to wash my face. Ive gotten some new cysts in areas where I was generally clear in the last few days. Do you think this could be related?

Is it normal to have increased breakout when your dosage is upped? I honestly think month 3 has been worse than month 2 for me. What's worrying me is that these new breakouts are in weird places where I have had really small breakouts if not none. Like my cheeks and temples and eyebrow area have been pretty clear for about a week and then this new breakout left with me with new acne in that area every day. I havent had a pimple on my nose in years and now I have one.

Another question. I have been using Neutrogena body clear body wash and my back is 100 % clear (thank god). Is it ok if i stop? will i break out again? And also do you think that my face is semi dependent on the small amount of salicylic acid that is left on my hands after using the body wash? ( I know I'm really paranoid).

Also I think that my red marks look a lot better when I don't wash my face as much. Will I break out if I switch cold turkey to just washing once a day with cetaphil? Does it clean well enough to do that?

Also is it really important to have consistent timing of doses? My meals aren't always the same time and I feel like I might be taking the doses too close together (like only 4-5 hours apart).

Thanks for any answers.

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hey man im on accutane now been on it for 2 months 60mg and my face is not that dry... how dry is your face right now? ,my oil production has definitely reduced but my skin is not like flaking or anything and there is still a little oil a few hours after washing face

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