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Can Someone Please Help Me For Once?! :) Scar Questions

Sorry if question came off rude, just no one seems to reply to my topics and I am desperate

So I have had this scar for a few years now and it hasnt really got any better, if anything its gotten bigger and more red. For the life of me I can not figure out what type of acne scar is it?!

I know there are plenty different type like pitted scars, ice pick, boxcar etc.

So my question is what type do you think it is and what the best treatment would be? chemical peels? should I go see someone? etc... please..

I have included a number of pics that show it from different angles and in different lighting....I would go to far lengths to have this go away....please help.






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Too me that does not look like an acne scar, not like any acne scars I Have seen anyways sorry. Have you ever tried derma rolling or derma stamping it?

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If these were caused by acne, the long scar looks like a rolling scar. The smaller round indents appear to be box scars since it has a sharp point..... But it's too big to be a ice pick scar... And this same area also has a rolling indent to it... So it looks like a mix of rolling and boxscar.

For the smaller round indents that go deep in the skin, it might qualify for excision. This is where a surgeon cuts the scar out and sews it back with sutures... Kind of like how they cut out moles. A buddy of mine had a raised mole removed that way, with no additional scarring left from the aftermath... Healed fine. But for excision for indented scars, it may leave another scar in trade for the excised scar. The wider the scar, the more problems. Since there can be problems with these with different types of scars that may appear afterwards, I would have the proceedure looked at by a facial plastic surgeon rather than a dermatologist.

A chemical peel will assist with discoloration only.

For the 1 long rolling scar that you have, that might be able to be fixed by a facial plastic surgeon. A circular oval cut of skin along the long scar with a suture might correct it. Since its only one scar, loss of flesh won't be a problem. It needs to be done with surgical precision in order to minimize damage during healing. I have a similar scar like this that I consulted with a plastic surgeon with a long time ago. I never followed through on it though.

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First off you look fine which is probably not what you want to hear.

Theres a part of you that wants to believe you look horrible and thats probably something you have felt and dealt with for awhile.

The scar is there because of your emotional attachment to the acne or whatever it is that made it. Your dilemma comes from your need of "thinking it needs to go away." You think that the scar matters and affects you from being and feeling perfect when in truth is it does not really matter to the world and to people that care about you or that will care about you later. And to those it matters don't matter anyway.

Right now you have a need for it believe it or not. Because you think it matters. Once you can let go of the need for the scar or whatever you have, it will go away.

If you are opposed to these ideas now your actually arguing that you're ugly and or really do look less appealing with the scar. Again that is why it is there. You're insisting of ugliness. You can't see yourself the way the world sees you and want to believe that the world sees you the way you see yourself in the mirror. And that my friend is false. That is an illusion that you're ego is tricking you to believe so you keep suffering in order for the ego to survive. There are two things in life we experience my friend....the things we love and the things we fear or to put it better, "the things we CAN"T STAND". (There are no neutral thoughts and experiences). Unfortunately its more of the stuff we can't stand because lets face it we lack passion.

So the scar is there because you can't stand it and because of the emotion invested in it. If you don't have any reoccurring break outs anymore, than maybe you have let go of the acne. But you have to be able to let go off the scar as well. How do you do that?

By letting it be there. Telling yourself its ok that its there so can get it out of your mind. Realizing it does not change one damn thing. And start telling yourself " I don't care if it stays or if it goes, I'm not going to do this to myself anymore"." I'm tired of this robbing my peace of mind and happiness." You can't wait for it to go away first. You'll be watching the clock second by second when you need to just 'take your mind off of it.

I hope that helps.

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It's hard to tell by your pictures but I would probably get the scars filled to get them even to the surface (it looks like they might be depressed). You can try temporary fillers first and if you're brave something more permanent. If you get the scars somewhat flat or level to the skin lasers could help a lot especially considering you're light skin color.

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No I don't not get that shot, why what happens when you do?

No one knows of any creams etc. that could help. I doubt I could find a facial surgeon and I don't even know where to start with these laser and skin care clinics, I don't wanna get screwed over with an expensive procedure and no results.

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