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Rolling Scars

Hi I had poly fulminans (Can't spell it) for 6 months that wasn't treated for a while because no one knew what it was it was that bad theystill didn't really plus i was more or less housebound with it as it affected my joints etc, then I went on accutane which fixed it but was left with damaged collagen and tissue under my skin, which resulted in really bad scarring mostly rolling. So two years ago I went under anesthetic for 1 and 1/2 hours for laser to help get rid of the scars btw amazing improvement but lately my scars are showing much more I do not want laser again and I don't know if I will be able to afford subsicion so hoping ppl can give me some tips as it's getting me down at the moment. Spotlights/Fluorescent lights are the worst its shows up scars so bad my confidence plummets :(.

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It appears to me that you want to regress to less effective treatments. Lasers are cumulative, and I saw my greatest improvement between the first and 2nd Re:pair.

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Thanks for replying, I am seeing my plastic surgeon for a check up in October as I have some concerns and to see what they say, if they offered laser again I probably would go ahead even though I think subsicion is the way.

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