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Bob Marlon Felisilda

Im In The 4Weeks Of Regimen When I Finish It What Is New Intruction Pls... Help

help me pls.... i know in the 4th week i apply 1teas of BP.. my problem is if i finish my 4th week i continue the regimen. how to apply BP twice a day and 1 teas? help me pls... im sorry i cant speak english smile.png

Hello :)

Are you already on the 4th week?

Is your skin still dry or red of the benzoyl peroxide?

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Yes sr. its work for me but my problem is dryness, And Peeling I used neutrogena moisturizer spf15 ,its flaky and sweat.. now im her in the philippines . everytime i go to school i shy because my classmate said youre face is peeling im sad and i going to the bathroom and then i wash my face but my feeling is worst so dry... but its effective know my acne is 3 or 4 and little i have some scars.. my problem is i want to find good moisturizer and i want to know? when im done in the 4th week of regimen what is the next Intruction i use this again twice a day 1teast of Bp ? or what ?plss.. help thanks... for the feedback

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Try bringing a small bottle of moisturizer with you to school. Apply it on the areas where you are flaking and your skin is dry. It will help relieve some of the uncomfortable feeling.

On the fourth week you should probably be using the BP twice day already. One fingers length or almost a fingers length.

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