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Help Me With This Acne Scar!

Hey, i've been having problem with this acne scar for the past 3 months, i have tried using this product that "would" remove

acne's from my face, but it didn't..

Yes there are 2 of them and right beside each other, the 2nd acne on the bottom left of the top one is a lump

and yes you're seeing the meat, why do you ask? i have a bad habit on scratching my acne's until my skin is flat..

I've scratched both of them and it's apparently made it worse.

What i'm asking for right now is,

How do i permanently remove this acne scar and this lump.

I only want to use basic items.. i don't want to buy those cream's because i don't believe that

those work because the one i used previously didn't work.

Help me, this is getting annoying and i have a feeling its spreading around my head every time

i scratch it

NOTE: Whenever i scratch the skin off, what regenerates over the acne is some kind of hard skin that can easily be

scratched off...

(I hope you know hard skin i'm talking about)

Please tell me what to use and how to do it.



This is the picture, for some reason when i was posting the thread it

wouldn't let me place this

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This looks like a few active cystic acne to me. I can't really see the scar in that photo. You need to treat the acne first.

For topical solutions for the cyst, you can go with over-the-counter medications or prescription. But there are endless possibility of products. If the over the counter meds don't work, you should see a dermatologist.

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