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Crusty Lips While On Accutane.

Hello everyone! I started accutane 19 days ago, at the 12th day my lips started to get dry and chapped but now they are swollen and crusty and they really hurt. The crust has a light yellow color. Some white heads formed, as well, at the corners of my mouth. I use a lot of chapstick and Vaseline but it hurts a lot and I'm a little scared. I can't contact my doctor and I really want to know if it's something serious. Have you experienced something like this while on accutane?

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Aquafor. Use it as much as you need. Aquafor, and the name kind of gives it away, is water-based vs. petroleum-based (e.g., Vaseline), so that may be gentler to your skin. There's small travel-size tubes of it too so you can even keep it in your pocket when you're out. Hope this helps!

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Definitely sounds like your lips could be infected ("angular chelitis"), given they are swollen, crusty, painful, and yellow.




You should certainly see a doctor, who will probably prescribe you an oral/topical antibiotic and/or anti-fungal (with/without hydrocortisone cream). If you can't see your usual doctor over the weekend, you should probably go to a walk-in clinic as you don't want the infection to escalate.

See these threads:

Also, if I remember correctly, there is a lip balm you can order online that actually contains hydrocortisone. That might help you.

Good luck

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