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Deep Pock Marks Temporal Scarring - Help! - Pics Included

Hi guys! A bit worried here =(

So I have deep temporal acne crater scarring on my left side and some on my right side. I don't know what to do , I've tried fraxel/chemical peels and it didn't help.

I went to a surgeon recently, and he said he can start out with a subciscion and see how much improvement occurs. Fillers would be only if he wasn't able to smooth it out enough with subciscion treatment.

My main few questions here are:

1) What are the chances of ANY kind of nerve damage with subcision (based on the location of my acne scars)?

2) What are the chances of ANY kind of nerve damage with fillers (based on the location of my acne scars)?

3) Does anyone have any recommendations as to what kind of treatments they would recommend me to get for these kind of acne scars?

4) Any doctors/or doctor "types" I should avoid? or Any other advice in general?

Photos attached, or you can see my gallery here:


Thank you! I look forward to being a part of this community and sharing any future treatment results I get. I look forward to your responses.





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Hi there,

I haven't heard of nerve damage being an issue with subcision, but you should better ask your dermatologist/surgeon about that. I had subcision done once and the only problem was a slight lump that resolved within a month or so.

Have you tried dermarolling/dermapen yet? I think it might give you some improvement. Your scarring does not seem very extensive.

I would consult with a dermatologist about the rolling because a surgeon does not usually offer it, or do it myself following many many DIY instructions on this board. I have had good results especially in combination with Vit C and other topicals.

As a general advice it is always best to do your own research on procedures( about success stories, side effects etc.) regardless of what doctors promise smile.png

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You actually appear quite lucky because your scars seem to be centered in an easy to treat location. Of course I will recommend Fraxel Re:pair, and you may be able to just treat local areas reducing the cost.

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