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I Think I Found What Causes Acne With Me

I have suffered with acne my whole life. Severe cystic acne. Ive been to many doctors and they all out me on meds that didn't work. Ive been on accutane 3 times. I knew there was something wrong internaly. After about 25 years and 3 laser surguries later, I started eliminating certain foods. I tried dairy and that didn't work. I tried gluten. That worked a little bit but helped me more with other issues. I then eliminated sugar......bingo. It all makes sense now. My dad, my grandmother and her sisters were all diabetics. I can't process sugar. I am now off sugar and bread and that really helps me. I have a few now.....but its almost that time of the month. I'm scaredof what is going to happen when I reach menopause. My face is so scared up. I had 3 laser surguries and it helped but I'm emotionally screwed up. I'm new to the boards. My user name is what a miss perfect and fiance called me in the beginning of our relationship. Ive almost forgiven him....he didn't know me very well and of course he doesn't think that way of me now but I'm so self conscience of my appearance. I used to be so pretty. I'm just happy now that know the reason and can control it. It really hard.

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Hi there... I'm sorry to hear about how sad you're feeling. It's wonderful that you have figured out the cause of your acne though! Think about how many people, including me, are still scrambling for answers to what's behind their acne! Even though you may be struggling, you are on your way to your own personal cure!

I completely understand being emotionally scarred. My acne has torn me up inside and out, leaving me both psychologically and emotionally fragile. Even after the problem (acne) starts to get better, we are all left with the residual effects that years of suffering caused us. I think that's the most difficult part. People can be so cruel sometimes. They don't understand how much words can effect us. They think that their comments won't hurt, but the truth is they cause long lasting pain that's vert hard to get over. The fact that you have almost forgiven that guy, shows immense personal growth! You are above that pettiness. People who make nasty comments are in reality insecure about themselves. That's why they lash out others. It's a sad fact of life.

You did not "used to be pretty", you are pretty. You are beautiful. We are all beautiful people despite what society may tell us. Acne cannot ruin a pretty face. That's just what we tell ourselves. And anyways, true beauty comes from within. The hardest part is letting go and trusting other's judgment more than our own. Because when it comes down to it, we are our own worst critics. We will always be harder on ourselves than anyone else in the world. Be happy for what you have discovered! You can cure your acne! WOOHOO! The next step is learning to accept yourself for who you are. It will take time, but if you're willing to let go and let yourself be happy, you'll wake up one day and finally be at peace with yourself.

I hope you feel better soon! Xo

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