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Different Types Of Lighting And Acne.

Hi everyone.

A few weeks ago I started a new acne regimen and for the last 2 weeks or so I have been experiencing a pretty rough initial breakout.

My apartment bathroom has pretty hard low lighting, almost yellow-like and my skin always looked so horrible in the mirror to the point where I didn't even want to get ready for the day. I could always see all of the bumps on my face very distinctly.

The thing is, today I moved into a new apartment. The lighting in the bathroom is crystal clear, and very bright, and believe it or not -- my face actually looks BETTER under it. (even straight out of the shower which shocked me.)

I guess what I'm getting at here is (silly question, but) -- which type of lighting is moreso going to be how people see me outside/out in public? Can I feel better knowing I look "better" than I thought or is this just a lighting trick?

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hah! thats i was thinking about too!!! in 70% mirrors ( school, restaurants etc etc. my skin looks pretty good, in other 30% its horrible!!!) its pretty strange thing, i would say that outside it actually looks good. but some lights in some buildings could destroy your skin :D!!

other funny thing that you see your friends skin same in all lights but you have feelin that your skin totally changes dependjng on light!!

i just wanna clear skin so i can stop thinking about this sh*t :DDDD

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I look my most awful when I'm at a club where the lighting is dimmed. Sometimes in photos my skin looks that bad, you could mistake me for a crack addict. In normal lighting it looks fine :lol:

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