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Accutane Saved Actor Matthew Mcconaughey!

Coming home from the dermatologist in a big coincidence I was listening to an interview of Matthew McConaughey on NPR's "Fresh Air." Right in the middle of the interview he talked about having bad acne and how Accutane "really worked." He basically would not be the successful actor he is today without it! He'd probably be working in some dead end job somewhere if the acne were allowed to ruin his face. He didn't go crazy, get depressed or have any other problems. My experience also has been very positive with Accutane. My only regret is that it wasn't available when I was a teenager. My personality and life probably would have turned out much better if I hadn't spent my teens and early twenties hiding from the world and disliking myself, but it is what it is and I can only move forward. If you are young get help with your acne and do everything you can to prevent it from shaping your world.

Here is a excerpt and link to the interview:

"I have full-blown really bad acne. Go to a dermatologist. He's like, what are you putting on your face? We show them the product. He's says this is a mink oil base. This is for, this is the last thing an adolescent oily-faced kid should be using. This has clogged up your pores. You are about 10 days before you're going to have those ice picks holes in your face from that acne. And we're like, well, geez, how do we help? He got me on medication. It ended up being Accutane, which really worked, it was a year and a half sort of just to be acne away and we learned our lesson."


This is not an endorsement! Do what you and your doctor determine to be the best thing for you.

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