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Fading Red Marks Left Over After Your Acne Has Been Treated

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I've been on accutane for 60 days now and I've stopped breaking out, I just have like 3 more pimples to get rid of, but the problem is I have red marks on my face from where I had acne there for months. You can't even feel them, they're like burnt into the skin, how do I fade these? Is there any products I can use on my face while I'm taking accutane to start fading them? PLEASE HELP

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After you complete your accutane course use Differin cream 0.1% (Adapalene) this will help fade your hyperpigmentation and becuase you are on accutane I think your skin has adapted to retinoids so Differin won´t do any major irriations <3

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Apple Cider Vinegar diluted 50/50 ACV/Water and then upping it 70/30 after your skin is accustomed to it works wonders. But it took a little over 1 month for me to notice any effects. After 3 months of using it I noticed quite the improvement. (You may hear 3 months and think that's a long time but in the past I have left PIH untreated and it took 1 - 2 years for it go away by itself)

I too have researched this forum and heard DAN's AHA+ is a great product for red marks. I purchased a bottle 2 weeks ago and giving that a trial run

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