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Hey Guys!

I just wanted to write this post for anyone that is suffering from acne and feeling a little depressed about it. Don't worry I was in your shoes and feeling just as bad. I will try to be concise and just get to points because I know everyone has busy schedules. Let me just start off by saying that I suffered from acne ever since my first menstrual cycle. When I first got acne it was pretty bad especially on my forehead. Once I enter high school the acne simmered down a bit but I always had breakouts that would last for weeks. As I got older I still had acne but it was manageable until recently. I went to California for vacation and when I came back home I had broken out so bad. I had acne pretty much everywhere and it was a combination of every type of pimple. I tried proactiv and half of the products at Sephora. Nothing helped. So I decided it was time to go to a derm because I had lost control of my acne. When I went to the derm he had prescribed me four things and told me to take it night and day.

The morning

  • Wash my face with Sumadan (prescribed) ( used a clarisonic brush, Mia 2)
  • Mix a moisturizer with Aczone (prescribed ointment)
  • I used Clinque's gel moisturizer because I have oily skin

The Night

  • Wash my face with Sumadan
  • Put on my moisturizer first
  • Then put on tazorac (prescribed)
  • Then take Solodyn pill (55 mg) with a 8oz of water


  • After month started seeing noticeable results
  • Most pimples are gone or are very small
  • Acne scarring still left behind (currently using vita k solutions)

Extra things I do to help myself

  • Apply a papaya mask once a week ( mix a slice of papaya and 1/2 cup of honey)
  • Used a apricot scrub to remove dead, flaky skin that the medicine was producing
  • Changed diet: Reduce amount of dairy consumption and junk food. Replace this with lots of fruits, veggies, pasta, and water.
  • Surrounded myself with good friends and positive people.

So thats it. I am more than happy with the results I am seeing. I just wanted to make a few notes to everyone and give everyone a heads up. It does get worst before it gets better. When I first started this regimen, my acne blew up and I was so depressed. I didn't go out or leave the house unless I had to go to work. I would cry just to go to work because it was bad and didn't want to see anyone. Try to stay positive, I know it is hard but being negative makes it 100x worst and more stressful. I also recommend that if you do take Solodyn, try to eat yogurt in the morning after. Due to the fact that it is an antibotic is tends to fight the good bacteria along with the bad and you can have a few side effects if you don't replace the good bacteria. I also would study your face. I know that sounds crazy but seriously do. Count how many pimples you have a day and keep a record of what you ate or you did. When you pin point the exact causes of your acne, it gets a lot easier to treat it. This not a miracle regimen but I figure I tell people because I know its frustrating when you try so much and nothing works. So give it a shot! Sorry I tried to keep it short! If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!

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To alexjjx

Sadly I did. I know they tell you not to pop but I did it anyway because the medicine was causing all the pimples to come to a head. If you do pop I would suggest applying witch hazel to clean the area. I found out that when I did pop the pimple and just left it there more would come up because I didn't disinfect it properly.

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