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Re-Occuring Cysts On Nose

The good thing is that there's only two places to worry about. I've been on this topical antibiotic and it seems to be great with keeping new cysts from forming, but I still have two re-occuring cysts on my nose. First I feel a slight ache, and then I see the redness, and then I give a good squeeze and then pus emerges, and then blood. On the first spot I noticed a rather long wimpy hair in the mix of pus. Second spot is basically the same thing, although I didn't really notice a hair. anyway, very annoying!

So what do I do? Just these two places on my nose but they won't go away. Thanks for any help you can give!

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I have some pimples like that. I think it's because the infection and blockage internally is never fully healed. Try not to irritate or push on the pimple but if you do medicate it topically and keep it clean so the poor can be cleared out fully

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Ok, I think the pore is cleared out fully now. I put BP on it just in case and neosporin on it so hopefully that will heal up nicely. One of the spots is very red though and it looks terrible. Any advice on reducing redness?

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