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Considering Regimen

Hi everyone!

I'm a new member to this site, but I have come here for advice and tips for many years.

A little history about my skin:

I am a 20 year old female and have had acne since I was about 12. It was the worst when I was about 16 (moderate, not cystic, but VERY stubborn), and after trying everything (birth control, over the counter, antibiotics, light therapy...etc.), I was put on a course of Accutane. This cleared my skin completely, and I had no trouble tolerating it and no side effects. Once I started university, my acne came back (slightly milder) and I was put on a second course of Accutane, which again, worked beautifully. Since then, my skin has been off and on. I have kept it under control using a variety of different regimens, and had a lot of success with Clinique's Acne Solutions three-step all of last year (up until this May- the beginning of my summer). During the summer, I work outside and sweat, and my acne worsens. This happened last summer as well, but when I went back to university and used Clinique, I stayed really clear all year. However, this summer it seems to be worsening again. It tends to go through cycles, and it will clear up well for a while, then breakout, and cycle along. At this point, I would say it is mild-moderate, which is 'bad' for me (worst it has been in a year or so). I have many little bumps/clogged pores, and some regular pimples.

I went on a vacation last week and did not have my normal facial cleanser and I had to use hotel soap (ahhh) and a travel-sized Clinique lotion that was not non-comedogenic (dramatically different moisturizer)....this is the first time in years I have used something that does not say "non-comedogenic" so I'm really thinking that had something to do with this breakout, since normally I don't get those tiny clogged bumps everywhere. I have just switched to the really gentle "Simple" skincare line, and use tea tree oil as a spot treatment and as part of my toner. I am really wondering though if this doesn't work, would it be beneficial to try the Regimen even if my acne is mostly small clogged pores and light-moderate? I have used BP in the past but never exactly the way it is described by Dan.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips, please let me know! I am so tired of having my skin go in cycles- for a while I think it's all better and I've never been happier, but then it just comes back- so frustrating:( This has been 8 years too long!! I have definitely suffered psychological distress from this, and can relate to many people on this website.

Thanks so much!

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If you are considering the regimen, make sure you really know what you are getting into. At the top of my head, you need to think about the following:

1. That you can do the steps as close to Dan's instructions.

2. That you have the time to do the regimen religiously (meaning you can fit it around your lifestyle)

3. That you have access to the right products

4. That you will not always see the same results as other people, progress differs from person to person

5. That you won't mind staining a few shirts or pillowcases. haha.

It can be an adjustment doing the regimen, so really think about it.

Good luck! :)

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and adding to nicmics list:

6. that you can handle 1 or two months of burning, red and flaky skin

7. that you are mentally prepared to have a backward step in your acne before you see improvement.

8. and lastly that you're prepared to stick it out until you clear up from acne :)

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I am also considering going to this....I have a question for you AyeAye though, during the redness and patchy/dryness phase how is makeup application? I wouldn't dream of going out without it...and I only usually just use powder. Thoughts?? :/

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Makeup is pretty tough in the early weeks. Not because of the redness but purely because of the dryness. Makeup doesnt sit nicely at all.

I managed to go without it most days (it was a huge step for me too) but if I did wear it, I would mix my foundation in with a whole glob of dans moisturiser and apply it with a stipple brush. My face looked like a greasy mess but after an hour it all soaked in and looked ok. Not great, just ok.

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