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So I started to get little pimples here and there in November, starting with a couple on my nose and one tiny one on my chin.

At first, I didn't care that much as none of my parents or siblings suffered from skin disorder.

Then as months went by, my acne problem began to really kick in.

Starting from my left cheek, then to my right cheek, covering my both cheeks and nose.

I've tried everything, over-the-counter methods, prescription antibiotics (tetracycline to be exact), exfoliation and whatnot. Gradually, after series of remarks from my friends asking if my cheek has been infected, I got through it (Antibiotics+ Benzoyl peroxide seemed to work for me although not as dramatically as I hoped).

So for now, all my acne have subsided, and I am just left with dark post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I have no acne whatsoever on my back, neck, butt, not anywhere else. Just my cheeks.

So what do you recommend? I'd love to hear from the community about your successes and how you got rid of these stubborn dark acne spots.

P.S. I haven't tried anything to get rid of my PIH yet, just my regular face washing routine (Wash- Moisturize), healthy diet, regular exercise and good quality sleep.

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sounds like you are doing the right things. Let it heal naturally, then start using a product containing AHA's i think they could help. Read into it though, dont just go and do it because i mentioned it

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Thanks for the reply.

I went to visit general practitioner today and he recommended Differin 0.1% gel.

On top of my daily routine, now I am applying Differin before I go to bed.

I will post any differences in the near future.

Oh, and he said my dermatologist might put me on Accutane. I don't know if it's an apt choice but I do have small cysts on my cheek so if it's inevitable, I am ready to take on the challenge.

Wish me luck.

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