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I Found A Cure For Blackheads (Vinegar And Upd)

I want to try to keep this short and simple

Clean your skin with a bar of soap and water.

Extract all your blackheads. Make sure the pores are fully cleared. I use the curved side of a "GUM" brand dental pick to push against the skin to remove the comedones. I clean the blackheads off of the dental pick with toilet tissue each time I clear a new batch of comedones to prevent spreading the blackhead oil on my skin

After you clear all the comedones from your pores completely.

Get a clean piece of paper towel. Soak it in apple cider vinegar. Scrub/Dab your face with it for no more than 20-30 seconds.

Use a fresh bar of soap (I like Irish Spring) lather face- wash it off with cold water. Wash face with plain cold water again and again without soap several times- Since the vinegar can damage your skin if it's still on there. The vinegar cleans the bacteria from the pores and it does something else to the oil- I don't understand how it works, but it's needed the first time you do this.

You will not use the vinegar again for a long time. Vinegar was used this time to give you the best possible chance to temporally destroy the oil production in the affected pores.

Let your face air dry.

As soon as it's dry- Use a clean unused stick of white arm pit deodorant- wipe it over the area and push it down with enough force to help it fill/cover over the pores where you cleared the blackheads.

Leave it on till you wash your face again. Put it back on after you wash it off. It's that simple. Do this for a few weeks, and your blackhead will be gone, and they wont come back.

I use "Degree" brand deodorant.


It's hard to wash off completely. It absolutely works- (if you've had blackhead for a long time, you will have enlarged pores, but no blackheads. I say this as a warning because some of you might not like that end result) You have to apply the UPD every day for a few weeks. The only time you don't have it on your face is when you are washing it off.

Do not use the apple cider vinegar again. You shouldn't need to if you did this right. Vinegar is too harsh on the face to do it daily. It can cause wrinkles.

If your pores fill up with oil again. Extract the blackheads- then wash your face with regular bar soap, and re-apply UPD to that area. It may happen again, but it wont be as bad next time. You need to check for pore clogging every day for the first few weeks. It will get less and less and then one day it wont happen anymore.

UPD is hard to wash off completely. When I feel like I need to fully clear it from my face I use a mix of extra virgin olive oil mixed with brown sugar as a facial scrub. Then I wash the oil residue off with Irish Spring soap. Baking soda works too, but again daily use of something as harsh as baking soda on your face will cause wrinkles.

UPD to the face every day after you originally cleared the pores. Wash it off when you shower. Check the pores for blackheads for the first few weeks. Remove them hygienically with an extractor or a dental pick. If you use tissue or your fingers you will spread the oil back into the skin and pores. When you want to clear the UPD residue from the treated areas, use the olive oil/brown sugar facial scrub or baking soda. If anyone finds something else that removes the UPD completely from the skin and is less harsh, please share it.

I swear on my life that it worked for me. I invented it! I'm 35 and I've had blackheads all over my nose since I was 10. They are gone. I have enlarged pores now, but I'm sure there is a way to treat those. Either way I'm happy to free of those black bastards..

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Yikes, this sounds insane. I can see the ACV working just dabbed on, but the rest of it sounds like a nightmare. I actually cringed reading it.

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We are told blackheads are caused by bacteria, sweat and excessive oil production in the pores. I thought to myself mmmm why aren't my armpits riddled with them??? 1+1=2.

I swear it worked for me and my nose used to be loaded with them. Now I have a bunch of enlarged pores, but no blackheads.

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Yikes, this sounds insane. I can see the ACV working just dabbed on, but the rest of it sounds like a nightmare. I actually cringed reading it.

OMG, no chit.......mad scientist concoction for sure! Showing up for work with white deodorant smeared all over the face would be quite special....sort of a geisha girl effect eh!

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