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9 Weeks, Red Itchy Flaky Skin

So its been 9 weeks, My last post was addressing the same issue however its less severe now. My face is red to the point where it looks sunburned. It actually looks ridiculous because its red all over except my eyes so it looks like i went tanning with my glasses on and forgot to put on sunscreen haha. My skin is also still very flaky. I use 2 pumps of Dans moisturizer with 6 drop of jojoba oil, that does the trick for 2 hours then my face starts feeling dry and the flakes just burst out. My skin is also still itchy. And in case some of you may ask, yes i follow the regimen to the t. I've definitely cleared up a bit but im breaking out a bit on my forehead. I have red marks where some acne used to be and have been using Aha mixed with moisturizer 3 times a week for the past week. Haven't used it long enough to notice or feel a difference. Its funny how i suffer from dryness because my face used to be quite oily before the regimen. Wondering if all these side effects will ever pass . Should i lower the amount of BP? Its weird because in the first couple of weeks i never felt the side effects and then suddenly they all hit me at once. Any advice is appreciated. Really nervous since school starts in a month. Dont want to look like a red scaly pimply mess :/. Have came to the point of quitting but i keep pushing saying maybe next week, or the next. Whats worse is seeing everyone else sharing success by my timeframe so im just wondering why its not working for me too. Its weird because i had mild acne prior to the regimen so i thought it would be a swift process. Anyway sorry for ranting. Ive been experiencing the pain, waiting for the gains.

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I'm in a similar boat~ I'm waiting on Emu oil to get here, hoping that it fixes my outrageously red face.. ahaha. I'll let you know my findings! Also I'm curious, do you find your face gets hot as well as red? Like do you feel like it flushes easier? and gets sort of a "heartbeat". I feel like that sometimes if I get to hot, or just get out of the shower.. and I used to have such a pale complexion before the regimen ahaha.

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Hopefully it works out for you. And no i've never felt my face get hot or have a heart beat. I had a pale complexion as well. Man this is so frustrating, i hope it works out for both of us.

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